Product Features

Our delivery program includes:

As a StoreToDoor delivery partner you gain access to a customized digital solution that allows you input orders as they come in, schedule pick-up times based on your business needs and enhanced customer alerts as products are making their way to businesses or residents homes.

Our web-based delivery program is easy to access, easy to use and once products are entered into your custom account for pick-up, drivers are dispatched and your customers are notified that their products are on their way.

To ensure the safety and security of your parcels, StoreToDoor has included the following product features as part of it’s white label delivery program.

Our Product Features

Elevate Your Brand with White Label Delivery

Growing your brand is essential, and nothing beats face-to-face customer engagement. While there are many ways to achieve growth, our same-day delivery services stand out for White Label enterprises. We not only help grow your brand but ensure a smooth transition from manufacturer to distributor to the customer’s doorstep.

Unlock a personalized and branded customer experience with StoreToDoor’s white-label SMS and email notifications. Take the reins of your brand’s identity throughout the delivery fulfillment process, seizing unique branding opportunities that set you apart from the competition. Choose StoreToDoor for an unparalleled, distinctive, and branded touch that no other company can provide.

Here’s the kicker: our model operates on a flat-rate service, meaning no hidden fees whether you’re a manufacturer shipping to a distributor or a distributor shipping to customers.

Your Role as the Distributor

As the distributor, your role is pivotal. Ensuring your brand stands out when your label is fixed to the product is crucial. Our services provide you with the opportunity to grow your brand.

Deliver Excellence, Every Day

Your satisfaction is not just a goal; it’s a commitment we excel at. With StoreToDoor’s same-day delivery services, we guarantee satisfaction for your business and customers.

What sets us apart? We deliver on our promise by leveraging a network of vetted drivers, admin staff, and software professionals. Our system operates with your business and clientele in mind, serving as a quiet middleman that ensures every aspect of your delivery process exceeds expectations.

Our transparent approach includes real-time tracking for your customers, providing insights into orders, popular items, and delivery history. We maintain open lines of communication with you and your customers, ensuring everyone stays informed throughout the delivery journey. In the rare event of a disruption, we don’t offer excuses — we provide immediate solutions.

Delivery Guarantee: Book a Demo Today!

Experience the StoreToDoor same-day guarantee. No matter what you’re shipping or the size of the order, we make sure it lands in the hands of your clientele the day of, and no later. 

Effortless I.D. Verification for Secure Deliveries

Our I.D. verification process is streamlined and secure, encompassing multiple safeguards. From verifying identification during order placement to confirming possession of valid I.D. upon order completion, we leave no room for error. We cross-verify the presented I.D. with the client to ensure adherence to provincial law and customer safety, guaranteeing accurate and thorough order fulfillment.

Your goods take top priority from the moment an order is placed. We understand the urgency of your clients receiving their products swiftly and safely. Rest assured, our I.D. verification process is designed to seamlessly integrate with your delivery process. These quick, extra steps add no unnecessary delays or red tape to your order’s delivery.

I.D. Verification Made Simple: Book a Demo Today!

Ready to experience a secure and efficient delivery process? Book a demo with StoreToDoor today!

Seamless Shipping, Trusted Tracking

The time between a package’s departure and arrival is critical, with numerous variables impacting its journey. At StoreToDoor, we offer top-tier delivery tracking, assuring you that our team never loses sight of your shipment’s progress, regardless of potential variables.

As a local business, trust is paramount, and we champion this model. Our tracking service ensures every step is monitored, from leaving your business to the final touchpoints of delivery to your customer. Our reputation for unwavering attention to your shipments assures your clients they’re looked after, providing a personal touch rarely found in large-scale corporate courier services.

This commitment not only establishes your business in the local community but positions it as a pillar with each successful shipment, fostering growth. Monitoring shipment trajectories is just one way we cater to your business needs. We also identify trends in your product wheelhouse, ensuring your enterprise is aware of what’s in demand.

By utilizing our tracking services, rest assured your shipping needs are in perfect tandem with our team of drivers and administration staff. Trust StoreToDoor for seamless shipping and tracking that goes beyond logistics—it builds lasting connections.

Navigating Regulations with Precision

At StoreToDoor, we approach the regulations surrounding your products with microscopic precision. In the world of modern delivery needs, we understand how regulations can evolve, impacting the nature of product deliveries.

Our team has crafted incentives for both retail ventures and established products, ensuring same-day delivery aligns with your business. When you choose us as your trusted delivery service provider, especially when dealing with regulated materials like pharmaceuticals, cannabis, or alcohol, we adhere to regulations meticulously.

Bringing us on board means we’ve done our homework, saving you time in briefing us on your requirements. We can ship your products with efficiency, maintaining safety, reliability, and legal compliance.

For new retailers entering the delivery arena, we understand the concerns that come with shipping. Rest easy as our administration team stays in constant communication with our drivers, ensuring timely and secure deliveries. 

Elevating Your Deliveries with Cutting-Edge Technology 

In the ever-evolving landscape of online shopping, StoreToDoor stands out by combining cutting-edge technology and a commitment to trust. Our delivery services boast a remarkable 98% reduction in failed deliveries, thanks to features like instant proof of delivery and ID verification.

Seamless Integration for Reliable E-Commerce Deliveries 

 We go beyond innovation; we’re game-changers. Our state-of-the-art solutions, including instant proof of delivery and ID verification, ensure the security and reliability of every delivery. With efficient integration with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, your operations become a well-optimized machine, reducing labor costs, and saving valuable time.

 Our same-day service is designed with online integration in mind, offering simple solutions for both retailers and customers. We provide an online paper trail, accurate order tracking, and confirmation alerts, ensuring everyone is on the same page, leaving no room for oversights.

Safeguarding Retail and Customer Interests

A focus on e-commerce isn’t just about convenience; it’s about safeguards. Our online order management and tracking prevent additional spending, display delivery prices upfront, and allow customers to set delivery preferences. This system ensures accurate tracking, allowing all parties involved to witness the rate at which deliveries occur, guaranteeing satisfaction the minute the package is dropped off.

Elevate Your Retail Experience Today

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