Case Study #1

StoreToDoor provides a seamless delivery solution for local businesses.


Launching their business in Regina, Saskatchewan over 30 years ago, has become the largest full-service retailer of cellular products and services in Saskatchewan. has 18 retail locations across the province, is a SaskTel authorized dealer and focuses on selling phones, accessories, and home security technology services.

~ helps customers connect to the people and the things that mean the most to them by providing wireless products and services to consumers and businesses across Saskatchewan.

The Problem

Based on StoreToDoor’s impact assessment, in early 2020,’s online sales were on the rise. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, growth on’s e-commerce platform exploded. As online sales grew, used both local couriers and internal staff to help with deliveries. This was a temporary solution until they could come up with a more permanent one. What they did know was that getting products to their customers faster meant more convenience and more sales. This was necessary for stores like to compete in a highly volatile market as COVID-19 continued to impact the economy and consumers were forced to stay at home. As the market conditions continued to change and so did their consumers’ buying habits; on-demand purchasing was becoming more popular and almost expected.

As customers continued to shift shopping behaviour online, onboarding a professional, external delivery solution that offered a white glove, white label, and reliable service became an obvious decision. realized that their customers expected the same level of service they would expect at larger retailers such as Apple or Best Buy and wanted to compete in this space. In addition, this would save money on purchasing their own cars, car insurance and reduce road risk for their staff. Through this revelation, decided to look into outsourcing their delivery to a partner who could not only integrate into Shopify, but who could help streamline their processes and offer a seamless, first-class, experience through a customer’s entire buying journey.

“What attracted us to StoreToDoor was less about the driver element but more about the technology. We knew how to drive. The challenge we had was the logistics of taking orders, calling for a driver (or sending our own staff), organizing packaging, delivery and offering a seamless user experience online was our #1 focus.” – Kris

The Solution

After being approached by StoreToDoor in the fall of 2020, became one of StoreToDoor’s beta clients. Adding StoreToDoor’s delivery program and fleet of drivers allowed to elevate their brand and enhance what they were already accomplishing. It was a two sided partnership between and StoreToDoor that impacted the end result.

“A lot of collaboration took place during the early stages of setup. We wanted to make sure that was set up for success logistically and technologically. A lot of testing was done beforehand to ensure the success of the service. was a great team to work with.” – Scott

StoreToDoor Provided

The Outcome

Although already had an e-commerce digital storefront, StoreToDoor provided the necessary scalability as their e-commerce business continued to grow. Integrating with Shopify improved the efficiency of’s delivery program and gave customers a similar experience they would get if they were to come into the store. Their goal was to have a fluid continuum for their customers from the first point of contact, all the way to their packages arriving on their doorstep.

Typically, customers who purchase technology online expect a prompt and trackable delivery service. StoreToDoor was able to provide customers with the security they expected when buying high-value products such as TV’s, mobile phones and other electronics online, with the ability to track orders and receive update notifications as the product moved from purchase confirmation to a delivered status.

“We were looking for a competitive advantage. We needed to compete with the larger retailers and figured same-day delivery would help us win customers over. Working with StoreToDoor also provided us with the opportunity to scale through our ecomm channel, an improved customer experience, and on-its-way tracking. Our customers feel they are “making an investment in a product”, so having live tracking allowed our customers to feel their products were safe and secure during their entire journey” – Loni

Since the pilot, has engaged in a full-time partnership with StoreToDoor. As of 2023, StoreToDoor has completed thousands of deliveries for and anticipates seeing that number grow year-over-year.’s deliveries not only included B2C but they also use StoreToDoor to transport products between their two retail locations for stock balancing and customer pick-ups.

Having already seen incremental growth, traction was building and StoreToDoor’s partnership supplement that.

Overall, StoreToDoor was able to provide with a competitive advantage over other local competitors, help them earn more faster, and was the reliable solution they were looking for.

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