Refund Policy




This document outlines the policies for providing, requesting, and actioning on product refunds due to loss or damage from services provided by StoreToDoor.


A. Liability Coverage

StoreToDoor’s liability coverage includes up to $100 per order of cost of goods sold (not retail price). If claim is approved, the value returned will be in the form of a future delivery credit and will be applied against the invoice in question.

B. Liability Limitation

StoreToDoor’s liability is limited to paying the sender an amount equal to:

(a) The lesser of the actual value

(b) Delivery fee

(c) Applicable taxes

C. Exclusions & Restrictions on Certain Items

i. StoreToDoor is not liable or responsible for loss or damage caused by events that StoreToDoor cannot control (i.e. weather conditions, government regulations, strikes, local disputes, natural disasters, etc.).

ii. StoreToDoor is not liable for damage of deliveries containing temperature-controlled transportation. It is the clients responsibility to ensure products are packaged appropriately, in reference to cooling/heating.

iii. StoreToDoor is not liable for loss or damage caused after delivery. If the delivery does not require a signature to confirm receipt of delivery and is left in a safe location (e.g. in a mailbox or at the front door), StoreToDoor assumes no further responsibility.

D. Refund Requests

All claims must be submitted through our Refund Request Form


Note: All requests will be reviewed by StoreToDoor staff and, if approved, refunds will be issued in the form of delivery credits. Please allow 15 business days for claims to be fully processed. If you have further questions or concerns, please reach out to our Customer Success team at support@storetodoorcanada.com.