Ecommerce Business: Beat Out the Competition with Outstanding Logistics

Ecommerce Business

The market for delivery applications has been riding a significant boom in the last few years. While the recent impact of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many small businesses turning to large-scale corporate couriers — and while these organizations welcomed new clientele — they often incorporate hidden fees and seldom adhered to the integration and attention that small businesses entering the delivery market require. 

Building an eCommerce platform can’t be done on the fly, and requires several teams within your business that all work in tandem to generate a platform that not only matches your needs but also the needs of your clients. 


Same-day Delivery and eCommerce 

The implementation of same-day delivery service has to be integrated on the ground floor of your future eCommerce ambitions. The great part is that we are here to help, and are just as fixated on hyperlocal engagements as you are. So when you are looking into expanding your community engagement in the form of having your goods be shipped out, we not only have a firm grasp of eCommerce, but we also understand how to shape it around local engagement.

To establish an eCommerce foothold, it is crucial that you dedicate a section of your brick-and-mortar location to inventory selection, packaging and processing of the orders that come in. If you’re a large-scale operation, then it would be paramount to look into a warehouse space to house these functions. 


Shipping Out 

A crucial cog in the mechanism of eCommerce is the efficient shipping of products, and more importantly, how you operate in harmony with your delivery service. 

An important way to ensure that this relationship functions at its highest form is by managing your inventory. Make sure that all high-demand items are stocked regularly and that you have scheduled once-overs of your stock to see how client demand is shifting. Additionally, we also provide your business with order tracking on our end, so if you’re curious about what is shipping out in high volume, you can always consult us and we can paint you an accurate picture of what’s flying off of your shelves — further strengthening the relationship between your business and your delivery service. 


House in Order 

To pull off the harmony of eCommerce between your business and same-day delivery services, you need to put together a team of people within your organization that can guide your eCommerce ambitions down the right path. 

Think big and the rest will come, and to make sure this is achieved, put together the ideal team that knows the inner works of not just your business but also the demands of your clients.

This can be achieved by putting together these divisions:

  • Marketing (to put the word out that you’re engaging in item delivery)
  • Web Team (to organize your ordering systems) 
  • Fulfilment Team (to ensure communication between your couriers and clients is maintained) 

Once this ecosystem of your best of the best is put together, you can begin integrating eCommerce solutions in ways you couldn’t before. 


Get the Word Out 

As mentioned previously with the implementation of a marketing team for your delivery initiatives, getting the word out that your enterprise is shipping out goods is crucial. There are many ways to accomplish this goal, either through advertising, email notifications with current customers or by having a launch sale surrounding your new delivery system. 

eCommerce is only beneficial if you have all of the systems in place to sustain it, and these systems cannot thrive unless you have a seamless launch. So put time into how you are planning to announce your online shipping plans, and the rest will come in time. 


Same-Day Delivery Promise 

eCommerce is a substantial platform to allow your business to stand out from the rest, however, you will need other useful applications to generate repeat business. This is where we come in, with our same-day delivery guarantee your customers will begin to take notice that you not only have their best interest at heart but also will do everything in your power to get your products to them in a way that is timely and efficient. 

Locking in your reputation and allowing your eCommerce department to grow further. 



Every consumer wants the most bang for their buck, and the same can be said for an enterprise looking to integrate same-day delivery into their eCommerce initiatives. 

What we offer is a solution for both needs, as no matter the product or the location, we will always incorporate a flat-rate delivery system. This means no hidden fees and no surges in cost during our services. 

This will provide you not only a platform to acquire new customers, but it will also give you the peace of mind that your eCommerce plans won’t be hindered by surprise costs. 


For Your Consideration 

There are several crucial variables to take into account to make sure your eCommerce plans go as smoothly as possible. Many of these we already manage such as tracking and delivery applications. However there are a few other branches of online business that should be taken into account, such as: 

  • Costs Per Shipment 
  • Packaging Solutions 
  • Order Management 

Once you have a system in place for the above applications, we will take care of the rest. 


Tie it All Up with a Bow 

Now that you have the tools for successful eCommerce solutions, the rest is making sure that your tandem operations with your same-day delivery service continue uninterrupted prior to launch. So it’s best to make sure all operations are air-tight before you launch your new vision. 

Make sure all administrative branches are on the same page and that they have a firm line of communication with our software team, administrative branch and couriers. Additionally, make sure your customer service representatives are educated on the rhythm of service between your teams and ours. 

Once all is said and done, your eCommerce solutions will be operating in a self-sufficient manner. 

Allow your ecommerce business and community impact to grow exponentially with StoreToDoor. Start delivering with us today!