Busting Common Courier Myths

Busting Common Courier Myths - StoreToDoor - Courier Services

Integrating a delivery service into your business model can be a lengthy experience. Not only is the process of shopping around for the right delivery partner its own time-consuming endeavour, but falling into some of the traps of large-scale corporate couriers can present its own challenge as well. This is why it is important to keep an eye out for the common myths that circulate about courier services as a whole. 


For starters, the idea that all couriers operate on a set schedule, with rates fluctuating per delivery item with the understanding that delivery costs change on a per-delivery basis. Some small-scale couriers have made this an integral part of courier policy, which has left some companies distrusting smaller couriers and putting their trust in large corporate delivery services. 


Additionally, it is important to know that a courier and a delivery service are two separate things. 


A delivery service will ship from a warehouse, and won’t have the kind of face-to-face drop-off courtesy that a courier would have. A courier on the other hand works in tandem with your business, meaning communication is constant. So don’t get lost in the myth that couriers and delivery services are identical — the difference is crucial. 


Delivery services often tout same-day drop-offs, whereas, in reality, this is often relegated to deliveries being subject to drop-offs within a day or two. This has also bled into courier culture, as the confusion between couriers and delivery services remains common in retailers who have never integrated either. That means that many still think that courier services can fall into the realm of a multi-day drop-off timeline. 


In reality, the best kinds of courier services will always offer same-day drop-off rates.