5 Tips to Package Liquids for Delivery

Package Liquids for Delivery

Shipping online can be an unruly process, even the most secure, sound, and stable of goods can be subject to numerous variables when shipped. There is, tragically, no air-tight way to ensure that anything being shipped is 100% safe from the peril of the outside world. So now imagine the headache that comes with transporting something that is well — formless. Transporting fluids can be a major headache for exporters whose major outlet is liquid-based products. When it comes to making sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible, there are some easy tips to make sure your goods are packaged securely, making their delivery simple, secure and safe. 

Seal the Deal 

If you think the initial lining of your liquid product’s packaging is the best you’re going to get, think again. The safest and most reliable way to make sure your liquid-based products make it safely to your customers is through the age-old art of double sealing. This gives an extra layer of protection, and if your first seal fails, it makes sure that your product does not spill. 


If you haven’t already taken the necessary steps, put your liquid-based products into a waterproof bag and the rest will take care of itself! 


You’re not going to be transporting your goods fast and loose, and you’ll likely be placing your double-sealed and waterproofed product into a container of some kind. Whether it be a box or insulated bag, the safest bet is to line the receptacle with soft lining or packaging peanuts, to protect it from various impacts. 

Double Down 

Always mark your box as ‘liquid’. This will function as a primary indicator to those handling your products to treat them with care


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