How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Same-Day Delivery

Small Business Same-Day Delivery

Being a small business is no easy task. Every aspect from operations, logistics, marketing and inventory, falls on you or your condensed team. You have in all likelihood mapped out every required aspect of your operations, however, odds are there’s still the lingering question at the back of your mind, the question of “can I do more?” This is a very normal inquiry for anyone engaging in local enterprise operations, but the question of course is, how? 


You could run a series of sales, and daily specials, even throw a few events. However, these bursts of engagement are often fleeting and are seldom replicated. So how do you make a sustainable new branch of operations that will seamlessly grow your brand, engage your community — and above all else — generate a steady stream of revenue? 


The answer is in same-day delivery. 


Over the last few years, the demand for delivery services has skyrocketed, with every kind of business looking into how to implement delivery into their brand. Be it retail, food and industrial/office supplies, or even more ambitious ventures that require a more detailed touch — such as cannabis, liquor and pharmaceuticals, same-day delivery has been growing as not just as an extension of the modern business sphere, but also, as a necessity. 


So how do you fit into this ambitious reshaping of the world of enterprise? Does your business meet the requirements of a same-day service? Well, the good news is, you don’t have to build your needs around a same-day service, because a same-day service structures itself around you. 


Whatever shape your business takes, as long as you have a product that people want, the odds of them wanting it dropped off at their front door is ever constant.


How a same-day service boosts the footprint of your business is significant, as with each delivery you create a jetstream of customer loyalty. Each successful delivery states loud and clear that ‘we are here for you.’ Beyond that, if there is a branch of your clientele that cannot make it to your brick-and-mortar location, a same-day service shows the public that you are willing to go above and beyond to make sure that those who are out of reach, can receive your products in a manner that fits their schedule and their needs. 


Additionally, say you are a small business that is looking to boost a product that is either new or having trouble finding its target market, a same-day delivery service functions essentially as a marketing slingshot, showing those who view your inventory that there are products available that they have missed in-store or were unaware of all together. 


However, let’s say you aren’t a physical location looking to ship out your products,  but instead, are an ambitious local online retailer who is trying to reach its audience in a way that showcases your product. A same-day delivery service will help boost your profits while integrating a local fleet of couriers to drop off your product on the very day the order is made. 


This removes the lack of familiarity that comes with the business day shipping model that some retailers use. Instead, it makes the customer feel like they are engaging your services directly — adding to your community impact in ways equal to a local storefront. 


Keeping this in mind, there is the question of your pocketbook, as small businesses need to keep track of every penny spent and the notion of bringing on a same-day service may not seem worth the dollars spent in many cases. That’s why our services operate on a flat rate standard, meaning no fluctuating costs, no hidden fees and a set rhythm of pricing you can develop your budget around. 


With our team, you receive full transparency. This is executed through a fleet of couriers, software technicians and administrators that are in constant communication — both amongst our delivery team and you — so if there are any bumps in the road (literal or figurative) you can be confident that it will be communicated to you in a manner that will facilitate immediate course correction and customer satisfaction.


We also track every order that goes out your door, so if you are concerned about crossing your fingers with every departing package, don’t sweat it. Our tracking services are shared in real-time with both you and your customers. This way, everyone stays on the same page, adding not only further peace of mind but also showcasing that when we say ‘same-day,’ we aim to show you exactly how.  


Engaging in small business operations can be overwhelming, scattered and straining, but it doesn’t have to be. Bringing on a same-day delivery partner that wants to make a community impact just as much as you do is the perfect way to not only boost your sales, it also boosts your confidence. Having the right middleman facilitate your local engagement allows you to focus on building your business the way you want to, while every delivered package shows your customers that you have their best interest in mind and want them to share your journey of growth. 


If you are a small business and are thinking of stepping into the world of same-day delivery try StoreToDoor today. We work in tandem with the needs of both you and your clients, and every package dropped off, is another brick in the foundation of your local impact.