Advantages of Delivery Tracking for Partners

Delivery Tracking

Getting a package from point A to point B is just one aspect of the delivery process. What happens in between is also a fundamental aspect of the relationship between a same-day delivery service, its clients and the client’s customers. That’s why we offer only the most advanced delivery tracking technology to track not just your orders but also, the frequency in which they are flying off of your shelves. 


Driver Reliability 

While our fleet of couriers is screened and trained to the highest standard, there will always be outside variables that can impede a delivery. Regardless of what gets thrown at our drivers, we always guarantee same-day delivery. However, sometimes impediments can get thrown in the way, which generates hurdles for our delivery pros to overcome. 

That’s why our tracking technology is purpose-built to keep you, your customers and our couriers connected. So whether it is a downed powerline, gridlock or golfball-sized hail, you’ll always be kept in the loop on the state of your delivery and its timeline to completion. 


Product Tracking 

We do more than just track your driver, we also track what is popular in your inventory. What this does is allow you to focus on other areas of your business that require attention, while we crunch the numbers and add up what your clients are demanding. 


From Start to Finish 

Another stable aspect of our delivery tracking services is that they remain uninterrupted from the minute your order gets placed, to the minute it gets dropped off. This gives your enterprise a reliable observation point, as you can see how your deliveries are tracking in terms of frequency and your progress in building your repertoire of regular clients. 

Having tracking implementations is always about more than just seeing where your shipments are going, it’s insurance, so you know your deliveries are arriving safely and in a precise manner. 


The Right Team for the Right Job 

All aspects of our tracking services work in tandem with our entire team. Our administrative staff and software engineers work with our couriers to ensure that no issues arise in terms of tracking implementations. This open line of communication within our operations is not only key in order to ensure these services operate without a hitch — but they also provide you with the peace of mind that every cog in the machine of our same-day delivery service is working round the clock to help serve you better. 


Peace of Mind 

Above all else, order tracking provides you and your business with peace of mind knowing your shipment is on its way. There is nothing worse than the limbo of not knowing, those crucial hours between pick up and drop off where anything can happen. Order tracking simply removes any initial concern and offers your business and customers real-time awareness of the current state of delivery and when it is estimated to arrive. 



Delivery tracking is an amazing tool for order efficiency, regardless of the size of the order, we put in the same amount of effort to keep you and your clients in the loop. That way you can continue focusing on the needs of your area while we focus on the individual needs of each client — further building your footprint as the go-to business in your area with a top-notch middleman for delivery needs.