StoreToDoor Partners with Field Agent Canada


(April , 2022) – Today, StoreToDoor announces their partnership with Field Agent to enable StoreToDoor’s driver fleet and Field Agent’s mobile mystery shoppers to both benefit from additional opportunities to earn income on the go. 

StoreToDoor is a platform that allows retailers the ability to offer customers a cost-effective, same-day delivery service. StoreToDoor allows you to track and brand the process for the delivery experience, as well as facilitate the delivery. StoreToDoor is an extension of the retailer’s business as they ensure the brand loyalty is intact until the final touch happens with the end customer. The business is currently operating in markets from 25 cities in Canada including cities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. It is expected that the company will be delivering in over 50 Canadian cities by the end of 2022. According to StoreToDoor’s existing clients, the companies have seen measurable growth in their businesses due to the expansion of delivery and having the ability to offer a higher quality of service, quickly and conveniently.

Field Agent connects businesses that need work done with on-demand workers looking to make additional income. They work to equip brands, retailers, and other businesses with fast, accurate retail information, shopper insights, and digital product demos. Field Agent is a leading provider of retail solutions that include shopper insights, digital product demos, and mobile audits. Field Agent is currently operating in 7 countries and serving 250 clients.

StoreToDoor drivers and logistics management is extremely fast and efficient, which sometimes leads to moments when there are no deliveries left to be made. In times like these, StoreToDoor is excited to partner with Field Agent towards ensuring drivers are maximizing their income by keeping Field Agent’s tasks top of mind, and it goes the other way too! Scott Love, Founder and CEO of StoreToDoor says:

“This partnership is an exciting opportunity for StoreToDoor’s expansion of services throughout Canada, now that we are able to assign our team of drivers with additional tasks to help serve Field Agent during quiet periods when all deliveries have been completed. This give our drivers peace of mind that they will always have work to do whether it be deliveries or mystery shopping. It also allows StoreToDoor to begin operating in more cities across the country while benefiting Field Agent with additional workers.”


To learn more about StoreToDoor, visit  storetodoorcanada.com.

To learn more about Field Agent, visit fieldagentcanada.com



For media inquiries: E-mail: hello@storetodoorcanada.com or call +1(831) 216-8369


About StoreToDoor

StoreToDoor is a ‘same-day-delivery’ platform that specializes in delivery efficiency and simplicity. They are on a mission to enhance the delivery experience for each retailer and their customers. Communication is key. StoreToDoor’s delivery team of dedicated drivers knows all about this. When an order is placed on a local website, the client will be able to track the delivery driver from start to finish and send them messages if needed. StoreToDoor is headquartered at Cultivator, a tech incubator for high-growth tech startups in Regina, Saskatchewan. Cultivator has supported StoreToDoor with gaining traction, establishing industry contacts, and providing useful programming that encourages scalable and sustainable growth.


About Field Agent

Founded in 2010, Field Agent Inc. is an on-demand tech company built to solve retail challenges. The platform connects brands to shoppers through the Field Agent app, enabling clients to capture in-store information, gather rich consumer insights, and drive product trial. Results are streamed to a virtual dashboard, so brands know exactly what’s happening with their products anywhere, anytime… completely on demand.