StoreToDoor vs. The Big Guys: Cost Comparison

Cost Comparison

The market of delivery services is vast, to say the least, and finding the right one for your needs can feel overwhelming in a number of ways. That’s why when you’re looking for the right same-day delivery service for the requirements of your business, the task can come across as time-consuming and stressful.

With any business decision, the first concern is how your company’s pocketbook will be impacted, a rational consideration, as you don’t want to be stuck with a service that is sapping funds either in the manner of hidden fees or boilerplate cost deductions. 

That’s why our services pride themselves on a flat-rate model, and unlike the other guys — the large-scale couriers that are dominating the delivery market — we promise to never adjust any fee or implement costs that aren’t part of the initial partnership agreement. 

Trust goes a long way, and while our services extend across the country, we have never lost sight of our local focus. This is why partnering with StoreToDoor will offer you not only an advantage in your local arena of businesses, but it will also set a stable rhythm for your company costs, as we guarantee you won’t become victim to some of the horror stories you’ve heard large-scale couriers be responsible for. 



Markups are not our style, and unfortunately, within Canada, there has been a history of large-scale delivery services trying to sneak in hidden fees thinking both the customer and the client would not notice.

That’s why our flat-rate service is unflinching in the face of adjustments. You will always get what you paid for and we will always adhere to the agreed-upon rate. This is the advantage of using a courier that is tapped into the pulse of local businesses, as we understand customer needs and your desire to be a part of the local community. 


Big Companies, Bigger Fees

Large global entities are no stranger to marking up their services, and due to their stranglehold on the market, they can get away with this. While many have become accustomed to this process, it does not mean it has to become the status quo. 

Amazon recently announced Canadians will soon be charged a hefty amount for continued use of their services. While this is a direct result of the company’s engagement in platforms outside of their delivery model, it is still trickling into the overall cost of their delivery services. So why put your faith in a company that doesn’t have delivery at the forefront? Our model is purpose-built to offer you flat-rate services with no adjustments, something that these larger players lose sight of with every passing year. 


The Hyper-Local Model 

Our services operate in lockstep with your business, your clients and your local area. Our administrative team, management department and fleet of couriers fully understand that you want to make a positive impact on your community. While our flat-rate guarantee is beneficial to all parties involved from a financial standpoint, it also builds up to something much more, and that’s trust. 

Once you have established to your customers that your delivery partner has their best interests at heart, they will begin to look at your enterprise as an essential part of their daily services. Whether it be for groceries, retail needs or sensitive items, such as cannabis alcohol or pharmaceuticals. 

When it comes to the goods that your clients rely on, trust is everything. So a guarantee that they won’t be overcharged for a stick of butter or an essential medication is something that will have lasting staying power, and place your company above the in terms of how you treat your client’s time and well-being. 

This is our promise, and much like our flat-rate guarantee, it’s not going anywhere and won’t be subject to change.