Same-Day Delivery for Sensitive Items

Delivery Sensitive Items

Any sort of delivery service should handle packages with care, regardless of the product. Keeping this in mind in the new modern world of same-day delivery services the landscape is shifting, and to such an extent that extra measures need to be taken in order to secure your deliveries. Specifically, in a manner that not only reflects your needs but also adheres to your standards and local laws within your area.  That’s why our drivers, administrative staff and management team have made it their top priority to make sure that all goods that fall under the category of sensitive items are treated with the duty of care that they require. 

So what constitutes a sensitive item? This can be any item that has separate delivery laws attached to them, and that requires a thorough understanding of each individual policy that comes with their delivery. The most common items that have entered the fold of the modern delivery landscape are cannabis, alcohol and pharmaceuticals. 

While each one of these items has separate policies attached to them, there is a consistent throughline that connects each one. Often in the form of identification requirements and the duty of care that is attached to the delivery process, as personal identification confirmation and age requirements correspond to each product. 

We have streamlined this process, so you can have a better understanding of how our same-day delivery service makes sure that every sensitive item we deliver is done so in a manner that guarantees customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. 



Across the country, federal legislation has made cannabis, and cannabis products, legal and widely available for common consumption. 

Regulatory compliance shifts from province to province. Our same-day delivery team has built a system from the ground up that utilizes our fleet of drivers, administrative staff and management team to ensure that any cannabis-related delivery is executed in a manner that matches the laws of your local area. 

This includes strict deliveries that are made to those who are of legal age and have valid I.D., all while operating under provincial compliance. While these deliveries operate under a similar system to alcohol delivery, the relatively new status of cannabis across the country makes effective adherence to cannabis delivery paramount. 

We make sure that every cannabis-related delivery follows every provincial policy to the letter, so you are guaranteed a rapid and successful delivery service that makes sure nothing falls through the cracks. 



While large-scale courier services continue their expansion into the market of alcohol delivery, their rates and delivery process can be quite a strain on both the schedule and wallet of the customer. Our same-day delivery service offers a guaranteed flat rate. So whether you are looking into alcohol deliveries for personal use, catering or large-scale events, we always make sure there are no hidden fees, so you get exactly what you paid for and on time. 

Our same-day delivery service still adheres to the steady regulatory compliance one would expect from any sensitive material delivery system. So no matter the province, we make sure we operate within local liquor laws, I.D. upon order and arrival and make sure we extend our duty of care during the delivery process. 

This way you can secure your alcohol orders in a manner that is both safe and effective for the business, the courier and the client. 



When it comes to the delivery of goods that are sensitive, yet essential, we make it our top priority to ensure an open line of communication between the pharmacy, our delivery team and the client. So for the health and safety of our customers, we follow strict policy, which guarantees satisfaction for all parties involved. 

We go over client needs with a fine-toothed comb and make sure that every aspect of a customer’s pharmaceutical needs is inspected for client safety and satisfaction. We follow the standard procedure of identification requirements, so there is no risk of an order error, we also go above and beyond for those requiring medicines at a steady rate. We can manage orders with the pharmacy, so your medication schedule is locked in and orders that may be subject to change can be adjusted rapidly — ensuring you same-day satisfaction every time you make a requested delivery. 


Handle with Care 

No matter the item or its sensitive nature, our fleet of couriers and same-day delivery team will always go above and beyond to make sure that all aspects of your delivery needs are given the attention they require; resulting in a system of trust among all involved parties and the peace of mind knowing your goods are in the hands of a team that cares just as much as you do.