Cannabis Delivery: How We Stay Compliant

Cannabis Delivery

We know that no matter what goods are being shipped, rules and regulations must always be followed. Whether it is traditional goods, alcohol or pharmaceuticals, we operate on a level of awareness that always adheres to local laws and regulations within your area — and when it comes to cannabis — our attentiveness has never been sharper.

The legalization of cannabis across the country has opened up an entirely new window of opportunity for major retailers across Canada. While this boom has been opportune for many within the world of strategic retail, it has come with its own set of rules and parameters that must be followed in order to ensure customer safety and the continuation of a thriving market.

This is why our same-day delivery service is on top of its game when it comes to regulatory compliance. Whenever cannabis is shipped, our entire team of couriers, administrators and software technicians are on high alert, in order to make sure that all stages of compliance are followed, so the product delivery happens safely and under the rule of law.

This includes thorough education for all of our staff, so each team member knows the regulations within the area they are operating. This means nothing slips through the cracks in terms of regulatory compliance, as every minute detail is reviewed by our team when it comes to local cannabis laws.

This also means that we follow traditional identification mandates when it comes to the purchase and transport of cannabis. All of our cannabis retailers who work worth us keep an open line of communication so that all orders are made by people of the legal age of consumption. Identification is checked upon order and finalized upon drop-off.

The cannabis market is an open opportunity to reach out to your local community and become a staple for new and dynamic goods — and our compliance with local regulations will always help you and your customers feel safe.

If your business is looking to begin providing cannabis delivery, ensure your delivery provider is doing so in a safe and regulated manner! If you need a same-day delivery company you can trust with your regulated products, contact StoreToDoor today!