Same-Day Clothing Delivery? We Do That!

Same-Day Clothing Delivery

Ready to get some of your favourite local brands delivered right to your door? Our same-day delivery service works in tandem with some of your best local clothing retailers so you can keep up with the latest trends and browse online selections without going from shop to shop to find what you’re looking for. 


How this works is rather simple. If your desired retailer has us as a delivery partner, you’ll be able to set up same-day clothing deliveries, so you can get your ideal clothing selections brought right to your front door.


On top of this, as is with any of the products we ship, you have a same-day delivery guarantee. This means that whether you’re building a wardrobe for the upcoming season, or are in desperate new of a new swimsuit for the long weekend — we have you covered. 


On top of this, we also provide flat-rate services for all of our deliveries, so if you’re looking at a new piece of clothing for a steal, you don’t have to worry about being hit with hidden fees for your order. This offers you a shopping and shipment service that isn’t too hard on your wallet. 


Some brands that integrate their talents with our services include Flat Clothing, Bella Chic, Rowe Apparel and Lost in Layers — just to name a few. 


Harnessing same-day delivery potential isn’t just a good way to build up your wardrobe, but it also offers you the opportunity to engage with local retailers in a way that can’t be done as rapidly with traditional in-store shopping. 


Are you a retailer looking to expand your clothing output or are someone in desperate need of having your clothes delivered? Contact us today!