What’s the Difference Between a Courier and a Traditional Shipping Service?

Courier and Shipping Service

When it comes to the transportation of packages, it’s never one size fits all. There are numerous factors and variables that come into play that separate couriers from the average shipping service. While the end result for both is the same — a product arriving into the hands of a customer — the methodology is immensely different between the two. 

That’s why, when considering applying for either the services of a shipping or courier service, it is absolutely crucial to understand these differences before you decide which method to utilize. 

First and foremost, a shipping service operates on the business day model. That means that on average when goods are shipped, they will have a delivery window of 3-10 business days. This is the median on which almost all shipping services operate. 

A courier on the other hand has its own drop-off parameters, so depending on who you bring on as your delivery partner, a courier’s drop-off time can range from the standards set by a shipping company, or can be as rapid as the very same day of the order. Some couriers offer a custom drop-off time, so you can set the standard of your delivery time with your courier if they see fit. However, as the market shifts, same-day has become the prominent standard amongst most couriers.  

Additionally, while a shipping service can keep you updated on the status of your package, they seldom offer tracking solutions. The industry standard for a courier is to offer real-time tracking, as couriers are often a premium service that operates parallel to the needs of a business.  Tracking is a key factor that results in many often choosing this type of delivery format over the alternative — especially small businesses. 

However, the one fundamental difference is where the package gets dropped off, as the average shipping service drops a package off at a designated drop-off point and a courier comes right to your door. If you’re looking for a personalized option that operates alongside your business, look no further than StoreToDoor!