Food Delivery in the Heat of the Summer: Our Best Practices

Food Delivery in the Heat

We know that making sure your goods arrive on time and intact is your top priority. However, when it comes to food-based products, a whole new layer of detail comes with the territory. That’s why our same-day delivery service works alongside our clients and makes sure that all products that are susceptible to the elements are maintained in a manner that guarantees both client and customer satisfaction. 


Safety First 

The summer can be a huge risk for transporting food products, and the fluctuating nature of summer heat can mean a brisk morning and then a scorching afternoon. That’s why playing it safe will always pay off in the long run.


To ensure that your food products stay safe, a corrugated box is the best way to ensure that temperature control stays its course. These packaging receptacles are purpose-built to keep your food products out of harm’s way. For maximum protection, place this in a foam container with an insulated lining because this will keep temperature control in check for the duration of travel.


If you are considering an easy-to-acquire and efficient lining, try bubble cushion, it reacts well with cooling applications and will help not just in temperature control but also in product protection from exterior impact.


Additionally, if your goods are perishable, always utilize a cooling system, such as ice packs to prevent any spoiling. 


Air Tight 

Make sure all of your goods are sealed tight, not only will this keep your food products from falling out of their packaging, but it will also make sure that any exterior variables won’t impede the freshness of your food items.


We all know that summer heat is a harsh variable and the heat of a car, even with air conditioning, can be a dangerous factor for the safety of your food items. 


Rapid Delivery 

This one falls on us.


No matter the temperature we will always guarantee rapid same-day delivery, however, as temperatures rise, we make this our number one priority. Rapid delivery is paramount when the heat is on, as any delay or extended time spent in a vehicle, can put your products at risk. To circumnavigate this, our entire fleet of drivers are trained on the best routes to deliver your products on time and will always have their vehicle in a temperature-controlled state. 

With these tandem techniques between your packagers and our drivers, customer satisfaction will be guaranteed when you work with us. Reach out to StoreToDoor today to get more information on our delivery services!