Simplify Your Plant Delivery

Plant Delivery

As an expert same-day delivery service, we want all of your goods to be transported as safely as possible. However, we are also aware that some goods require a touch more finesse and delicacy in terms of transportation. Not to worry, we have you covered! For our partners that require the delicate transportation of their flora, we correspond to their needs in a manner that satisfies all parties involved (especially the plants). So when it comes time for a plant delivery, we operate as carefully as possible — and for all to go swimmingly — you should as well. 


Reliable ways to make sure your plant life gets safely transported are simple to accomplish and will help grow your brand alongside your products. Ensuring that any unruly branches are trimmed is a go-to way to make sure that your plants don’t have any undue stress on them during the delivery process. If the plant in question is large enough, wrap it gently in a secure paper wrap or light blanket, being sure to look out for any buckling or bending branches during this process. 


A sturdy foundation is also key when transporting plants, that’s why anything that you are moving that is already potted, should be extra secure. So double-check the base of each plant and make sure there isn’t an abundance of wiggle room. Additionally, if the pot in question has any drainage holes, cover them up, this will not only ensure the stability of the plant but will also leave our driver with less mess during the transportation process. 


We don’t leave all matters of plant security up to you either because any vehicle that your green goods will be transported in has ventilation and proper coverage to make sure not a single leaf or flower struggles in the journey.  That’s our promise as your go-to same-day delivery provider