Advantages of a Same-Day Delivery Service with COVID-19

Same-Day Delivery COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has established a continuously evolving environment when it comes to how we live our everyday lives. 

Aspects of our day-to-day that were once commonplace and barely merited a second glance have been suddenly overhauled to a degree beyond recognition. This has not only maintained a lasting impact on the attitude of how people live their lives but also, how they shop. 

Local businesses have been some of the hardest-hit victims of the pandemic, with numerous enterprises suffering either severe losses or shutting down wholesale. 

Many adapted with curbside assistance or adjusted their business models via online ordering. The most prominent and well-known means of how enterprises have stayed afloat in the current ever-changing retail landscape has been by switching to models that utilize delivery services. 

While many shrewd local enterprises have embraced this approach, a considerable amount accomplished this via large-scale third-party models — corporate institutions that have taken a significant amount of revenue from companies as a fee for their delivery services. 

As the nature of COVID-19 changes, we offer a same-day delivery service that is purpose-built to evolve with every new challenge that the pandemic brings, and never at the cost of your business. 

The advantages that come with having a same-day delivery service that dedicates itself to your local business are near limitless, as our administrative team has been keeping a watchful eye on what has been making delivery services in a time of COVID-19 efficient and prosperous  — while also observing the pitfalls of companies that have suffered as a result of poorly managed communication between retailer and delivery provider. 

Our promise is built on a foundation of trust. We promise to keep an open line of communication between you and your business so we can excel at your delivery standard as well as the retail standard that has been set by the pandemic. 

In the early days of COVID-19, there was a scramble to adapt to various delivery models – some retailers that possessed limited experience with delivery services rapidly switched to corporate courier brands. It’s no secret that these services were primarily focused on their own interests and the byproduct of this was companies keeping their name in the public sphere via delivery, albeit at the cost of client familiarity.


So why put your trust in us? 

We understand the nature of the tandem relationship between your customers and your local business. The result of harnessing us as your same-day delivery service is that we evolve and grow alongside your ambitions. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has woven itself into the DNA of modern business applications, and as a result, retailers need to find a same-day delivery service that understands this principle of change as well as they do.

We promise to never take any percentage from your order costs. This means that you can shift and change your delivery model without having to worry about what costs may be lost in the mix of changes to shipments. Adaptability is key and we recognize this — you get to keep your money and resources within your company’s parameters and maintain peace of mind knowing that your product goals won’t be subject to change. 

One of the key ways we apply this principle is through our reliable same-day delivery model. Once a product is selected for distribution, you can count on our team of product specialists and drivers to ensure it gets to your client’s destination in a manner of utmost efficiency. 

Another benefit to utilizing our services is that even as the pandemic shifts, our set standard for customer fulfillment doesn’t. 

Crucial goods that you may be a supplier of — such as pharmaceuticals — make their way to your clients not only the day they get ordered, but also in a safe and reliable manner. Those who rely on your products may not have the luxury of entering large-scale retail locations due to compromised health, a major component that continues to be a dominant factor for the lives of many as COVID-19 progresses. 

Leave it to us to make sure your products (whether they be medical applications or other goods) get to your clients who continue to be impacted the most by COVID-19. This will not only strengthen your business’s impact on your local community, but it will also remind your clients that you have their health and well-being in mind, securing your place in the influential sphere of local companies within your area. 

In terms of the relationship between you and your clients, there has never been a time when people’s needs are increasingly becoming more susceptible to change. Customers may have had aspects in their lives be drastically impacted by the pandemic and their requirements could shift at short notice. Our delivery service remedies this with our pay-per-delivery model. Generating a locked-in order system in which neither you nor the client has to feel beholden to more or less than they bargained for. This ensures that your goods reach your customers in a manner agreed upon by both parties and aren’t poised to be impacted by miscalculations. 

Businesses, and more importantly their customers, don’t have the luxury of making severe errors, especially as the pandemic progresses, with funds in the pockets of both parties being kept in close check. The financial fallout of the pandemic has resulted in accounts being closely watched, as many consumers and businesses have suffered some form of a financial hit over the pandemic era. 

Having a delivery service you trust and that has observed the do’s and don’ts of pandemic era delivery provides you with a guarantee that your interests will be looked after and that any possibility of rookie mistakes have been removed from the board completely. This assurance is crucial as the pandemic evolves, as with every step towards normality, any error can be a significant setback for a local business that either had their interests suppressed by COVID-19 or have had their entire operation delayed entirely as a result. 

Being a local business is an overwhelming endeavour and over these past few years, numerous delivery companies have been offering you satisfaction guarantees and assurances that they understand the hardships that your business has endured. Here at StoreToDoor, we recognize that blanket sympathy for local businesses isn’t enough. We display this through our actions and services, showcasing to you that we appreciate the hardships businesses have suffered, as well as their needs.

Every business element differs from enterprise to enterprise. We not only recognize this but pride ourselves on our ability to jump from company to company and identify the delivery needs of each on the spot. 

Let us work for you and your product shipment needs, as we excel at acknowledging that every business is diverse and so are their needs in a delivery provider. Book a demo with us today and allow us to show you that we are more than just a delivery service — but an extension of your business as a whole.